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Laëtitia Mazué 

- Qualified Spa Manager - RNCP - in Reflexology, Shiatsu, Balinese, Lomi Lomi, Ayurvedic... - 2013

- Experience of various Spas in Burgundy where I have been practising the hidden power of touch for 7 years - from 2012 to 2018

- Reiki Level 1, taming energy to better understand it through massage - 2014

- 9th place nationally in the Best Hands in France contest - 2016

- 1st place for the North East region of France in the Best Hands in France contest - 2017

- Training Massage pregnant woman and baby - 2017

- Design and realization of the massage "Sleep" - 2017

- Korean relaxation training with David Grand (triple French massage champion) - 2018

- Design and realization of massage "Bonne nuit" - massage "Jeune maman" - massage des "Emotions" - 2018

- Specialised meditation teaching degree, "hypno-meditation", pranayama and bioenergy with Céline Miconnet - 2018

Here, I realised how mental well-being is one of the pillars of a healthy body.

- September 2018 Birth of the company "Laëtitia mazué - Massages & Méditation"

- Reflexology palmar training - from Christine Robert reflexologist RNCP - 2019

- Design and realization of "YOGA massage" - 2019

- Design and realization of "Moon massage" - 2021

My expertise stands out for the way it sincerely and respectfully listens to your body and your needs, which allows me to establish the correct masseuse/client interaction. I adapt the pressure, actions and different techniques which I employ for the sole purpose of taking you on an incomparable sensory journey.

Both passionate and creative, I like to create my own massage and meditation protocols to satisfy your every demand.

My well-being treatments have no therapeutic value.

For medical advice and/or skeletal adjustments, please consult a health professional.

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