Out in nature, in a small group, we explore our depths with calm and serenity.

€15/pers - Duration 45 min

In french only

Meditation, Breathing, Relaxation
Within everyone’s reach, meditation is the pleasure of being in tune with the present moment.

This is one of those few activities where there is no goal to achieve. Let's experience the present, with no thoughts for the past or the future.


Hyper-sensitive, anxious, depressed, positions of responsibility, severe mental load … meditation can provide a genuine support.


I guide you from the beginning to the end of the session, helping you descend into your inner depths, in alpha state, so that your brain can access a deeper awareness between wakefulness and sleep. Experience comes through practice – the more you do it, the easier it becomes.



I suggest you explore the Pranayama techniques (specific breathing) on the premise that breathing represents life and nourishes our body. When it is unbalanced, we suffer physically. So let's learn to control it!

Interludes of visualisation guided by seated and recumbent meditation. As well as self-massage techniques...

You will end up more aware of yourself and the world around you, better able to manage your emotions and the stresses of everyday life.