A whole world just for you ! 

​Customised Massage 
30/60/90 min 40/68/92€

A skilful blend of strength and softness, intuitive and to match your requirements on the day, it can be adapted to the needs of every individual.

Massage for pregnant woman
​60 min - 68

Giving new life is first foremost about allowing it to grow within yourself calmly, gently and serenely, just like this massage, from head to toe.

Deep tissue massage
​60 min - 75

Powerful practice that allows toxin removal and faster recovery of muscles in pain of stress. Stretching makes you more aware of your body. Deep relaxation.

​Young mother massage
​60 min - 68

Mind-and-body massage to rediscover and accept that your body has now become a mother. Reconnect with yourself with respect and gentleness.

Balinese massage
​60/90 min - 68/92

Welcome to Bali, where taking things slowly is a way of life. That makes complete sense here to help appease stressed and anxious minds. Body and mind become one.

Baby massage Worshop
30 min - 45

Through the exceptional sense of touch, learn simple techniques to soothe and help your baby grow in a cocoon of happiness.

Lomi lomi massage
​60/90 min - 68/92

Let yourself be carried away by the rhythm of waves now calm, now more powerful, using ancestral techniques from Hawaii to help your body release all its tensions.

​Children's massage
30 min - 40

Children can enjoy a moment of calm to soothe their emotions and integrate their body map. From 6 to 14 years old, with or without parents.

Shiatsu massage
​60 min - 68

Traditional Oriental clothed massage without oil to restore your vital energy. Recommended in case of exhaustion, insomnia and emotional tension.

Emotional massage
​60 min - 68

Massage on the skin.

Rebalances the abdomen and soothes the rest of the body in lightness.

It's an inner journey to refocus on yourself and slow your breath.

​Ayurvedic massage
​60/90 min - 68/92

A real energy recharge for the body, let yourself be carried away to a rhythmic dance for the legs, relaxing the back and head.

​Good night massage
​45 min - 55

Your body is enveloped in slow, harmonious movements while the rocking action invites you to slide into sleep. Book in the evening.

Back massage
30 min - 40 

A key zone to regain comfort and lightness.

Sleep massage
30 min - 40

This energy massage has been designed for people with sleep disorders, restoring energy through its dynamics and preparing you for a good night’s sleep to come. Book in the morning.

Getaway massage
​30/60 min - 40/68

Let go completely with a head, hands and feet massage.

​Face and scalp massage
​30 min - 40€

Wrapped in warm oil, you'll be relaxed to the tips of your toes.

Foot reflexology
60 min - 68

Beautiful prevention tool for your health. The digito-pressure on the different organs and body members via the arch allows to boost the lymphatic system and to obtain a detox effect.

​Palmare reflexology
60 min - 68

Discover the extreme sensitivity of your hands through a session that combines energetic release of all body organs and deep relaxation.

YOGA massage
30 min - 40€ 

The body is anchored in a perpetual movement such as a dance where muscular and articular techniques are encountered. Real awakening for the body.

​Korean relaxation
60 min - 68

The desire to control everything can be read through the body through tension and excessive muscle tone. This liberating massage teaches you to let go gradually with gentle stretching.

What I do only addresses personal well-being. In accordance with current legislation, the well-being massages I provide, in the absence of diagnosis and therapeutic treatment, are not related in any way, neither in their content nor in their objectives, to the practice of masso-kinesitherapy or any medical or therapeutic practice. These are manual well-being and relaxation techniques only.

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