- Each massage is a journey -

​Customised Massage 
60/90 min 75/100€

A skilful blend of strength and softness, intuitive and to match your requirements on the day, it can be adapted to the needs of every individual.

Ventre de femme enceinte
Massage for pregnant woman
​60/90 min - 75/100

Giving new life is first foremost about allowing it to grow within yourself calmly, gently and serenely, just like this massage, from head to toe.

Massage du haut du dos
Deep tissue massage
​60/90 min - 75​/100

Powerful practice that allows toxin removal and faster recovery of muscles in pain of stress. Stretching makes you more aware of your body. Deep relaxation.

Massage relaxant
​Young mother massage
​60/90 min - 75/100

Mind-and-body massage to rediscover and accept that your body has now become a mother. Reconnect with yourself with respect and gentleness.

Balinese massage
​60/90 min - 75/100

Welcome to Bali, where taking things slowly is a way of life. That makes complete sense here to help appease stressed and anxious minds. Body and mind become one.

Baby massage Worshop
45 min - 45

Through the exceptional sense of touch, learn simple techniques to soothe and help your baby grow in a cocoon of happiness.

Lomi lomi massage
​60/90 min - 75/100

Let yourself be carried away by the rhythm of waves now calm, now more powerful, using ancestral techniques from Hawaii to help your body release all its tensions.

​Children's massage
30 min - 40

Children can enjoy a moment of calm to soothe their emotions and integrate their body map. From 6 to 14 years old, with or without parents.

Shiatsu massage
​60 min - 75

Traditional Oriental clothed massage without oil to restore your vital energy. Recommended in case of exhaustion, insomnia and emotional tension.

Moon massage
​60 min - 75

Woman massage that takes place before or during your moons to soothe the tensions of the stomach as well as relieve the lower back. It is a parenthesis reconciling with your femininity.

​Ayurvedic massage
​60/90 min - 75/100

A real energy recharge for the body, let yourself be carried away to a rhythmic dance for the legs, relaxing the back and head.

​Good night massage
​60/90 min - 75/100

Your body is enveloped in slow, harmonious movements while the rocking action invites you to slide into sleep. Book in the evening.

Back massage
60 min - 75 

A key zone to regain comfort and lightness.

Sleep massage
30 min - 40

This energy massage has been designed for people with sleep disorders, restoring energy through its dynamics and preparing you for a good night’s sleep to come. Book in the morning.

Reiki traitement
Getaway massage
​60 min - 75

Let go completely with a head, hands and feet massage.

Massage relaxant
​Face and scalp massage
​30 min - 40€

Wrapped in warm oil, you'll be relaxed to the tips of your toes.

Pieds parfaits
Foot reflexology
60 min - 75

Beautiful prevention tool for your health. The digito-pressure on the different organs and body members via the arch allows to boost the lymphatic system and to obtain a detox effect.

​Palmare reflexology
60 min - 75

Discover the extreme sensitivity of your hands through a session that combines energetic release of all body organs and deep relaxation.

laetitia mazue.com.jpg
YOGA massage
60/90 min - 75/100€ 

The body is anchored in a perpetual movement such as a dance where muscular and articular techniques are encountered. Real awakening for the body.

téléchargement (1).jpg
​Korean relaxation
60 min - 75

The desire to control everything can be read through the body through tension and excessive muscle tone. This liberating massage teaches you to let go gradually with gentle stretching.

Emotional massage
​60 min - 75

Massage on the skin.

Rebalances the abdomen and soothes the rest of the body in lightness.

It's an inner journey to refocus on yourself and slow your breath.

Package of 10 hours €650

What I do only addresses personal well-being. In accordance with current legislation, the well-being massages I provide, in the absence of diagnosis and therapeutic treatment, are not related in any way, neither in their content nor in their objectives, to the practice of masso-kinesitherapy or any medical or therapeutic practice. These are manual well-being and relaxation techniques only.